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All gas fire, gas boiler and woodburner guarantees depend on an annual service being carried out by a relevantly registered engineer. Gas Safe certified engineers for gas appliances, HETAS registered engineers for solid fuel appliances.

Make sure you don’t miss a service.

Our in-house Gas Safe and HETAS engineers are here to carry out services of all gas and solid fuel heating appliances and to sweep chimneys. Tell us your anniversary dates and we will make sure that we will contact you when the time comes each year to carry out a service and sweep (where necessary).

Stay Safe!

Service Options

Here at Firesplaces and Heating we do not hold you to a service contract. We are happy to come out when you would like, but we do recommend you service your heating appliances at least once a year.

During the warranty period your guarantee is dependent on these annual services taking place: no service history, no warranty. But beyond the warranty period, services are important to make sure that your fire, boiler or stove is working efficiently and safely.

Boiler Servicing

There are two levels of service for boilers.

Standard Boiler Service

Modern boilers are made to such high standards, with internal monitors constantly checking the safe operation of your boiler. So if something goes wrong, the boiler will warn you long before a service is due.

Our Gas Safe engineer (or HETAS if your boiler is powered by solid fuel) will visually inspect the system including

  • Check gas pressure and flow
  • Check boiler controls  are working properly
  • Check main internal main parts
  • Measure flue and combustion gases
  • Check safety devices are working correctly
  • Visually check water and gas pipework
  • Check wlectrical connections
  • Ensure that seals are in one piece
  • Check for corrosion or leaks and clean boiler parts if required.

This is designed to be a non-invasive service and should take approximately 30 minutes.

Complete Boiler Service

The Standard service is the sort of service you will find Britsih Gas Service or Homeserve or Eon Service offering. This is the manufacturer-recommended minimum service.

We recommend only doing this service once every two years. In the intervening years we recocommend a Complete “All Areas” Boiler service.

This is much more invassive and in addition to the Standard service elements we will take the boiler apart, remove the burner, service the ignition system, clean and replace seals. We will also inspect the heat exchanger and clean if necessary to make sure that heat is exchanged efficently.

We will also sample the water to check it is clean and that chemical levels are correct and if needed we will top up the chemicals as required. We will also check and clean the filter and sensor.

We will also drain, check and recharge the expansion vessel.

We will then rebuild and run the PZero test programme to check the boiler’s correct running.

Finally we will then measure the combustion figures and complete your service document.

Gas Fire Servicing

For a gas fire service, our gas fire engineers will:

  • Check your gas fire has been installed correctly and that is suitable for the room it has been installed in
  • Check the pressure and that it is burning correctly
  • Check the flue is clear and that that harmful gases are being safely vented away and there is sufficient ventilation
  • Test all safety devices
  • Clean the fire, including gas jets, fuel bed and glass and respray the coals.
  • Finally your engineer will highlight any defects or issues and agree with you further works as required.

NOTE: some manufacturers require certain parts to be replaced on an annual basis as per the warranty conditions. These will be charged for in addition to the service fee.

Stove and Woodburner Services

There are two levels of service for stoves and woodburners that our HETAS engineers can complete.

Standard Woodburner Service


  • Remove all the baffle, firebricks, grate and ashpan.
  • Clean the internal surfaces using a wire brush and scraper as required. Vacuum and resulting debris
  • Clean the grate and any grate parts with a wire brush and check for any damage.
  • Clean the firebricks with a soft brush, check the bricks
  • Inspect and sweep chimney
  • Re-fit all cleaned internal parts and replacement parts
  • Check seals and glass
  • Lightly oil the door catch mechanism and hinge pins
  • Check the CO alarm is fitted correctly and is working
  • Any parts required will be charged for separately and a second chargeable visit arranged (if required). This can include replacement firebricks, grate parts, glass, baffle, hinges, seals etc.

Complete stove service

In addition to the standard level of service we can also provide an extra level of service to stoves that need more work. This will need to be discussed and arranged before the visit and we will need to know the make and model of your stove.

Our HETAS engineers can also

  • Remove the glass from the door and discard old or worn rope seal
  • Clean old glue from the groove which held the rope seal
  • Replace the rope seal, gluing into place with a thermic seal adhesive, and re-fit the glass
  • Clean the glass – in certain circumstances it may not be possible to clean the glass completely. Our engineer will discuss this with you when on site.
  • Refresh the exterior look of your stove with heat resistant paint.
  • Replace firebricks / baffle / glass / grate

Stove Refurbishments

We can also completely refurbish your stove. This will necessitate removing the stove and will leave your stove looking like new, with new glass, new seals, new firebricks and a complete respray. Please contact us for a quote – see our Virtual Survey page


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