A stove or wood burner is the perfect way to heat up your shed, home office or man cave

The Charnwood Aire 3 and pod - a great stove for a man cave with optional heatshieldWood burner manufacturers are now making tailor-made models specifically designed for the places that we like to escape to at the end of the garden; including Charnwood’s new Aire 3 with pod (pictured opposite on display in our Luton showroom) and Arada’s Ecoburn 4  – both DEFRA approved and 2022 Compliant.

These stoves are not too powerful, but they are incredibly efficient, they warm up quickly, they keep their heat for a long time  and  you can even put a kettle or frying pan on them! Hmmm! Sausages!

Wood burning stoves beyond the home

Other stoves that represent the enthusiasm with which stove makers have tackled outdoor living include Esse’s Esse One (below) and the Adventurer 5 from Charlton and Jenrick with its various add-ons making it perfect for any space and a range of uses – including cooking the Sunday roast!

Esse One a great stove for a Man Cave

The Esse and the Adventurer are designed for a permanent installation bt are equally at home on a canal boat or in a garden office as they are in a holiday yurt.

The Adventurer 5 Woodburning Stove

Adventurer 5 wood burning stove in man cave or shed

The Adventurer is much more the traditional stove made to be set in place – even if that setting is a canal boat or yurt.

The Adventurer 5 is redefining quality and efficiency

This stove is also bang up to date. It is DEFRA approved to be used in Smoke Control Zones, so great for a garden shed in Luton or a Mancave in Letchworth. It is also SIA Ecodesign 2022 Ready which makes it one of the most eco-friendly stoves on the market.

The Adventurer 5 also comes with a wide range of cooking options including warming trays and even a top mounted oven.

Twin wall flue for mancavesFlueing a Stove in a Man Cave

Every stove needs a chimney. We recommend Stovax’s Professional XQ twin wall chimney system to safely flue your stove. Most stoves will need 3 to 4 metres from top of the stove to the cowl, so it is important to buy the right flue.

Available in kit form in a variety of colours, talk to one of our in-house HETAS engineers to help design what flue you require for your stove and shed/garage/garden office/mancave.

A word of warning: the flue will probably be the most expensive part of the installation (see Stove Installation prices below).

Because most sheds and garden offices are made of wood, the flue needs to be twin wall – insulating it from the combustible materials around it. You don’t want to see your pride and joy disappear in a ball of flame! To steal from Irene Cara, safety and efficiency cost and here is where you start paying!

Also many stoves require 4m of flue from stove top to cowl (except the Adventurer which only needs 2.5m). We have successfully installed many shed stoves with 3m of flue, which have on occasion needed an anti-downdraft flue to help, but as long as you start your fire with a lot of kindling and really heat up the flue at the beginning you should have no problems with a slightly shorter (and cheaper) flue.

Stove Installation prices

There are a range of stoves designed for your classic man cave, but you may be right in thinking that a small ex-display stove will do just as well.

To give you an idea of the costs,

  • You can pick up a good stove from anywhere between £400 and £1000.
  • The flue (it needs to be Twin Wall and rise 3 to 4 metre from the top of the stove to give you a good draw) will cost from about £670 inc VAT for a 3 metre run with all the adapters, terminals and fittings.
  • You will need a hearth for the stove to sit on and heat shield of some kind – approx £300 inc VAT for a slate hearth and heatproof boarded back panel. Some stoves come with their own heat shield and heart or pod.
  • Fitting, commissioning and certification with HETAS by a qualified engineer will be approx. £300 + VAT.

So with an ex display stove deal costing £400, the rest will probably cost from just under £1000 if you do it yourself or £1300 if you get a HETAS engineer. OK it’s not cheap, but if it gives the perfect finish to your home office – then don’t you deserve a little joy?

Ex Display – a great way of saving a few quid on a stove for a man cave.

We always have a few stoves available ex-display. They’ve just come out of the box and they’ve never been used, but you can easily save a few pennies on one of our special offers: Call the office on 01582 599200 for this week’s deals.

Our Luton Stove Showroom

The Adventurer 5 and Charnwood’s Aire 3 are both available to see and buy from our Garden Showroom in Luton. Here you can also see patio heaters and some of the most technologically up-to-date BBQs and stoves available in the United Kingdom.

Stoves for Garden Sheds and Man Caves
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