Are you looking for a Left-handed Wood Burner?

Whether you are looking for a wood burner with a handle on the left (so that it opens to the right) because you are left handed, or simply because the lay-out of your room makes that easier for you when re-fuelling etc, here is where you start looking.

Left Handed Stoves and Woodburners

In this world, many important things are over-looked! Like the importance of design when it comes to left-handed machinery.

There is no such thing (at the time of writing) as a stove that can either have a left handed or a right handed stove. So you have to think ahead when buying a stove with the handle on the left so that it is easy to open the door with your right hand leaving your left hand free to do the “trickier” work of re-fuelling, poking, riddling, adjusting vents and cleaning inside of your multifuel stove or wood burner.

Fortunately there is no shortage of left-handed wood burners so here is a selection of ones that are currently available to see at our stove showroom in Luton, Bedfordshire

The Best Wood Burners and Stoves For Left Handers

  1. The Arada Solution 5kw is Arada’s entry level multifuel stove and comes in a variety of formats depending on the size you need. They also offer an insert stove if you haven’t got a lot of space and you don’t want to chop out your builder’s opening. Have a look at their Ecoburn and Holborn multifuel stoves too.

dean dartmoor 5 wide stove - another Leftie2. Dean Forge based down in Devon make a range of great stoves from their forge in Buckfastleigh. I’ve got the Dean Dartmoor 5 wide even though I am not left handed and they also make the Dartmoor 5 which is the cutest stove ever! The Dartmoor 5 wide has especially large viewing window for the very best view of the fire. These both come with multi fuel kits if you want the flexibility of burning both wood and fossil fuel (more later).

3. Charlton and Jenrick’s 5 kw Woodtec range in the Fireline brochure, are all lefties. Wide, deep, on a log store the choice is up to you. They are also our head engineer’s favourite stove. With their ceramic firebricks efficiency of between 80 and 82% and a Clear Skies rating of 5 (the highest possible) they are perfect to go into a modern home.

4. Charnwood are based on the Isle of Wight. Most of their stoves are right handed, but their C series of stoves are all lefties. The range starts off with the little C4 wood burner (which even though it is small still manages to take a 11″ log and kick out up to 5.5kw of heat) and goes up to the half-a-meter wide C8 which chucks out up to 9kw.

5. Capital’s Woodrow is another popular wood fire with a left-handed door.

You’ll notice I keep mentioning whether fires are wood burners or multifuel stoves. The reason is that in wood burning stoves you don’t ever really empty them out. Wood burns best on a bed of ash, so just taking out a cup full of ash on the odd occasion is all you need to do.

With a Multifuel stove you have to keep the airwaves clear underneath the grate so you always need to poke and riddle and empty – thus more work for the hand that isn’t holding the door open! So in my mind, if you are buying a multifuel stove it is even more important to have a left handed stove!

Anyway, on with the list.

Left Handed - Dik Geurts Ivar 5 EA6. So far I’ve only mentioned British made stoves, but do check out Dik Geurts excellent Ivar Low 5 kw wood burner from Holland. It is a very popular fire with excellent controllability and at the top of the rage is the Ivar 10 H20 boiler stove – perfect for heating the whole house.

7. Lastly to Henley Stoves. Henley is a manufacturer of both wood burners and multifuel stoves that stands out for the very odd reason that apart from their double sided and their double door stoves (which are both!) it would seem that the Henley range of stoves are ALL left handed! We have the Hazelwood, the Leaf and the Elmwood on display here. Note: just bear in mid that if you live in Luton’s Smoke Control Zone, not all of Henley’s stoves are DEFRA exempt.

So that is just a few of the left handed stoves that are on display in our Luton Showroom. There are more – keep an eye out in the brochures that are available to download.

Right handed or left handed, make sure you always use a HETAS engineer to install your stove. We have our own in-house HETAS engineers, so ask at the showroom for quotes for installation.

The Best Wood Burners and Stoves For Left Handers
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