Stovax Stove Suppliers in Luton, Bedfordshire

Fireplaces and Heating Ltd is proud to be Stovax’s Expert Retailer in Luton. As a member of the network, Stovax stoves, supplied and installed across Luton and Bedfordshire,  come with an extended 5 year warranty not available online.

This means that we can install Stovax stoves with the confidence that our in-house HETAS engineers are giving you the best service and support possible.

Stovax Stoves luton
Contemporary Stoves

From traditional hearth-bound woodburners, like the cute looking Stockton stove, to glass-fronted cassette stoves like the Studio, Riva or Elise, just one brochure – downloadable here – will take you through a whole world of stoves!

British-Made Stoves

Stovax’s British-made stoves come from their plant in Exeter, Devon. They’ve been making stoves there for almost 40 years.

traditional stovax stove suppliers in Luton
Traditional Stoves

Stovax and 2022

SIA 2022 Ecodesign readyLooking to the future, Stovax are now introducing their 2022 Ecodesign ready stoves, like the Sheraton. They are also adapting old favourites, like the Stockton, the Vision and the Vogue.

As part of the Clean Air Act, the improvement in stoves has been tangible. Technology, that Stovax has helped develop, has enabled the whole industry to lower emissions to an absolute minimum. Their cutting-edge designs make Stovax stoves some of today’s cleanest burning fires.

Today’s high efficiency, low emmission, Stovax stoves use a whopping 70% less logs than an open fire and up to 20% less than a standard stove to heat your home.

These improvements are even forcing current owners of woodburning stoves to consider upgrading their black box to a new 2022 Ecodesign stove just on the basis of reducing the number of trips to the log pile!

Stovax - Studio freestanding stove bedfordshire
Wide Stoves

DEFRA approved stove

Stovax Stoves and Luton’s Smoke Control Zone

Based in Luton, most of our customers live within Luton’s Smoke Control Zone. This means that stoves installed within the are covered by Luton Borough Council need to be approved by DEFRA. Most of Stovax’s 5kw stoves are approved by DEFRA and even a few of the 6kw and 7kw stoves (I’ve got the DEFRA approved Stockton 7 in my home). Look out for the DEFRA approved logo. You can also ask our HETAS engineers or call the showroom.

Installing Stovax Stoves

Whether you are new to the idea of installing a woodburner or multifuel stove, or you have had them all your life, we can heartily recommend installing a Stovax stove.

Looking for a traditional cottage feel or for a more modern look? Stovax stoves are made to industry-beating standards. You can be sure that you will get a stove that is easy to use, great to look at and good for the environment.

Book a stove survey today with one of our HETAS Engineers
(Virtual Surveys also available).

Stovax Stoves
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