The Enduring Allure of Esse Stoves: Quality, Efficiency, and Timeless Design

Esse stoves have been a cornerstone of British homes for over 160 years, and for good reason. These meticulously crafted appliances offer a unique blend of traditional aesthetics, exceptional build quality, and cutting-edge technology, making them a compelling choice for modern homeowners.

Esse Wood burners

Built to Last: A Leg-ESSE of Quality

Established in 1854, Esse boasts a rich heritage in stove-making. Their dedication to quality is evident in the use of robust cast iron and steel construction. Unlike some mass-produced alternatives, Esse stoves are built to endure, promising generations of warmth and comfort. This commitment to longevity is further reinforced by the readily available replacement parts, ensuring your Esse stove remains a cherished fixture in your home for years to come.

Efficiency Meets Sustainability

Modern Esse stoves are not simply throwbacks to a bygone era. They incorporate innovative features that enhance efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Afterburn™ airwash technology promotes cleaner burning, minimizing emissions and maximizing heat output. Many Esse models also surpass the latest Ecodesign requirements, making them a responsible choice for the eco-conscious homeowner.

Esse Stoves and wood burners

Versatility for Every Need

Esse offers a diverse range of stoves to cater to various needs and preferences. For those seeking a dedicated heating solution, Esse’s wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves provide exceptional warmth and ambiance. If cooking is your passion, Esse’s wood-fired cookers are a dream come true. These marvels combine a powerful heating element with a spacious oven and hob, allowing you to cook, bake, and simmer simultaneously – all powered by the natural warmth of wood or smokeless fuel.

A Touch of Timeless Style

Esse stoves aren’t merely functional appliances; they are beautiful centrepieces that elevate the aesthetics of any home. Their classic design, featuring clean lines and elegant curves, complements both traditional and contemporary settings. For those seeking a modern touch, Esse offers contemporary models with sleek finishes that seamlessly integrate into modern spaces.

Beyond Warmth: A Focal Point for Living

An Esse stove becomes more than just a heat source; it transforms into the heart of your home. The mesmerizing glow of the flames creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for cozy evenings spent with loved ones. Additionally, the substantial heat output of Esse stoves can often eliminate the need for central heating, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency and connection to a simpler way of life.

The Current range of Esse Room Heaters

Esse 500

The current range of Esse Stoves includes, the 100 range of 5kw woodburners, the 500 range of multifuel and wood burning stoves and their bigger brothers in the 700 range which boast a winter-beating 11kw of maximum heat output. More information on those can be found at the Esse website

Esse Stoves

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