Arada Stoves in Luton and Bedfordshire

Arada Stoves are supplied and installed in Luton and Bedfordshire exclusively by Fireplaces and Heating. Our Luton showroom features a range of Arada Stoves and our in-house HETAS engineers are chosen for their experience with installing Arada Stoves.

  • Arada Ecoburn 5 s3 SIA DEFRA

    Arada Ecoburn 5 (S3) Ecodesign and DEFRA Multifuel Woodburner

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  • Arada Ecoburn 5 widescreen S3

    Arada Ecoburn 5 Widescreen S3

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  • Arada holborn 5 defra 2022 on display in Luton

    Arada Holborn 5

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Come into our Luton showroom to see our Arada Stoves on display and then Book a stove survey today with one of our HETAS Engineers

Arada Freestanding Stoves

Arada Stoves is the proud figurehead name for three great British stove brands: Aarrow, Villager and Stratford. All Arada stoves are built and tested in the UK to ensure adherence to UK building regulations.

Interesting Fact: In 2019, we supplied and installed more Arada stoves to the homes of Luton and Bedfordshire than any other manufacturer.

Arada Stove Installers in Luton Bedfordshire

The workhorse line are the Arada Ecoburn Plus multifuel stoves. Sturdy, good looking (somewhere between tranditional and contemporary), easy to use and efficient, these multifuel stoves never fail to arouse interest in visitors to our Luton showroom. The extra thick steel used is worth the extra money and the build quality is exceptional.

A New Arada Stove

Prompted by the new regulations that came into force in 2022, Arada’s brand new Holborn multifuel stoves are not only DEFRA approved, for use in Luton’s smoke free zone, but they are also Ecodesign compliant. This makes them some of the greenest stoves in the country. They come in 5kw and 7kw versions: there is even a gas powered version. They look pretty good too!

Arada Stoves Holborn DEFRA Multifuel
Arada’s Holborn Stove: also come with gas – they look pretty good too!

Arada’s Other Stoves

Inset Stoves and Casette Stoves

Arada also make the Ecoburn Plus Inset Multifuel stove. These flexible woodburners are perfect if you don’t want to open up the builders opening in your chimney breast and you are just looking for a neat solution to heating your home.

Arada Ecoburn plus inset stove - Luton

Boiler Stoves

If you want even more independence and you want your stove to work even harder, why not buy one of Arada’s Boiler stoves and get it to heat the hot water and your radiators?

Arada Love Their Stoves

It’s not about the metal, it’s about the love. Arada love their woodburning stoves almost as much as we do. We haven’t heard it officially, but we are fairly sure the engineers name each stove as they leave the production line down in their factory in Axminster, Devon!

Arada are founder members of the Stove Industry Alliance

Arada’s Lifetime Warranty

In fact it is so hard for them to let go that they offer up to a lifetime warranty* on the body of their stoves (as long as you look after them as well as you should and get them serviced each year)!

* Lifetime warranties are offered on their Farringdon, Ecoburn Plus, Holborn, i-Series, Puffin and Heron stoves

Arada Stoves – Colours

Arada stoves are also available in a range of colours. You can chose from seven different shades including spice, chestnut, sandcastle, Atlantic, mist and slate.

arada stove colours

Come into our Luton showroom to see our Arada Stoves on display and then Book a stove survey today with one of our HETAS Engineers

Please Note: FREE Virtual Surveys also available to book if you would rather avoid a visit to your home at this time.

Arada Stoves
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