Wood Burners and Multi fuel Stoves

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and as you are browsing, remember:

  • Wood burners burn wood and have a firebrick bottom.
  • Multi fuel stoves have a grill and ash pan

Multi fuel stoves will burn anything so if you are unsure what you want to burn or you would just like the flexibility, chose Multi fuel – they tend to be about £50 to £100 more than their wood-burning versions

– can I burn wood in a multifuel stove? Yes
– can I burn anthracite or peat in a woodburner? No

DEFRA approved stove


I live in Luton’s Smoke Control Zone – can I have a stove? Yes as long as your stove is “DEFRA Exempt” (look out for the Logo!) you can install a stove in a Smoke Control Zone. Local zones to us include Luton, Bedford, Kempston, Letchworth, , Stevenage, Aylesbury, Hemel Hempstead and Watford.

The 2022 Clean Air Act – Ecodesign and the work of the Stove Indsutry Alliance

Yes it’s here! The Clean Air Act that came into force at the beginning of 2022 has given us greener stoves than ever before. Worried about the scare-mongering? Talk to our engineers about the safety elements of new stoves and what that means for your family and the neighbourhood.

The A to Z  of Brochure Downloads

Select from our stove manufacturing partners. We have stoves available to view in our showroom from each manufacturer featured.

Arada Stove Brochure Capital Stoves - woodburner and multifuel brochure Charnwood Stoves Dik Geurts Stoves Dovre Stove Brochure downloadEsse Stove brochure download Firebelly Stove Brochure Fireline StovesHerald Stoves  Mendip Stoves Nordpeis Stoves Brochure Parkray stove brochurePortway Stoves Purevision Stoves Stovax Stove Brochure   Stovax Studio inset and freestanding stoves brochure   Westfire brocure

stovax professional xq chimney system brochure imageFlues for woodburning stovesMidtherm HTs Twin Wall System brochure

If you don’t have a chimney, you can still enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove. We us both Stovax’s Professional XQ and Midtherm’s HTs Twin Wall chimney and flue systems.

Download the brochures and talk to our staff about bringing the warmth to your home.


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