Slate Hearths – made-to-measure: oiled and bevelled

Slate is a great material for a fireplace hearth. We use a “black” riven slate which gives you a natural variation in the stone: straight out of the mountain. It’s called “black” but every piece of slate is slightly different in colour and honestly, none of them are truly black. They vary from piece to piece, and even within the same slab. Not dark enough? You can darken them by oiling: either using a bespoke slate oil or by using boiled linseed oil. But more of that later.

Slate Hearths for Log Burners

Usually the hearths will be cut in one piece – either as a rectangle across the front of your fireplace or, for wood burner installations, in a T-piece to sit in the builder’s opening, giving a solid base to your stove in either 20mm or 30mm thick slabs, cut to size on site, to perfectly fit your installation.

We recommend slate for your hearth as it is very forgiving. The small scratches and “dinks” that are picked up during the day to day use of your fire or stove can be removed with light sanding and that deep patina can be simply  restored with just a little oil and clean white cloth.

The oiling of your hearth will also help pick up the riven surface of natural patterns – veining and striations – existing in all slate adding unique character to your fireplace.

Just a quick word about our slate hearths. The slate is bought in by the pallet and our in-house installers cut on site to the right size. Then, to give your hearth the right look, we will bevel the edges and oil the slate, giving it a deep and rich patina to complete the sumptuous look of your fireplace.


Just one word about the slate itself

Slate Hearths

Slate is a natural occurring substance and every slab is different to every other slab – some are plain, some patterned. Some are dark and some are light. We cannot promise a certain look to your slate. If you want a more even finish, maybe consider granite. It is a harder material and comes pre-cut and polished. Although it is harder to make, once it it is, the marks are harder to hide in Granite.

Here is a useful leaflet explaining all about slate, from our suppliers.



Slate Hearths

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