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Radiators and Rad-Size Online Calculator

Get the right size radiator to keep your room at the right temperature. Use our online tool to work out what size radiator you need.

Every home is different and every room in that home has different heating needs.

We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of makes and sizes of domestic radiator, from Prorad’s workhorses, fitted in the majority of homes in the UK, to tailor-made, high-end, designer rads from Eucotherm.

But whatever your radiator looks like, the most important feature is its heat output. Measured in BTUs or Kilowatts, buy a rad that is too small and you will never heat your room. Buy one that is too large and you are wasting your money and valuable room space.

IMPORTANT: Please note, that this tool will only give you a rough idea of the required output for your stove and is only meant to act as a guide. You should get one of our Gas Safe certified engineers to survey your property before deciding on the radiators (and boiler) that are right for you. – Please contact the office on 01582599200 to make an appointment.

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