Marble and Limestone Fireplace Suites

Our stonemasons work with the very best materials and designs to create beautifully crafted fireplace suites to show off your fire or stove.

Fireplace surrounds mantels
Capital’s Washington Mantel

Marble and Micro Marble Fireplaces

Marble is a very hard-wearing stone with an easy to clean surface.

Natural marbles like our popular Carerra Marble range vary in markings from suite to suite ensuring that your fireplace will have its own unique look. If you like the exact pattern of our suites in the showroom then we are happy to supply that piece, for a small surcharge, otherwise our stonemasons will select the best slabs from our most recent delivery from the quarry.

Micro-marble is made from reconstituted stone and guarantees that the suite you get delivered is exactly like the one you saw in the show room, or the brochure, or the website.

Limestone Fireplaces

Limestone is a lovely warm material to work with and to live with. Again it is a naturally occurring stone, so each slab has its very own features marks and fossilization.

Our Leagrave showroom features fireplaces from Elgin and Hall, Capital, Chesney’s and OER.

Fireplace suites are available to purchase straight from the page or made-to-measure, by our stonemasons, for a unique focus to your living room. So your choice is literally limitless!

Wooden Fireplaces and Beams

OER's Mini Cairngorm
OER Mantel and stove
Focus Oak Beam
OER Mantel with split slate surround
OER’s Mini Caringorm

Whether you are looking for a rustic beam, hewn from a mighty oak, for your cottage, or a light maple suite for the modern gas fire in your townhouse living room, wood brings a special warmth to your home. A fireplace can be finished off by a single beam or an intricately carved suite – the choice is yours.

Come to our Luton showroom to see the range of options available for your home.

Non-combustible “Wooden” Beams

Non combustoible beams and wooden mantels

Want the wooden look? Focus Fireplace’s range of non-combustible ceramic beams will pass the closest scrutiny. With a range of colours and finishes, we can provide the perfect beam or mantel for your non-combustible needs!

Why non-combustible? It’s all about building regulations. If you would like a beam to sit less than 400mm above your stove? It has to be non-combustible.

Come in to the showroom and have a look at the non-combustible beams we have on show. We know that you will be impressed.

Slate and Slate Hearths

Slate is an excellent medium for your hearth or fireplace surrounds and shelves. Take a look out our handy slate information sheet to help you understand exactly what you are buying.

One Off Fireplaces

Check out our specials. From Portuguese Limestone suites to White Travertine mantels harking back to the Roman empire

Fireplace Suite Brochure Downloads

Capital Fireplaces Brochure Elgin and Hall OER Fireplace brochure

 Focus Wooden Beams Brochure



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