Luton-based Fireplaces and Heating’s Gas Safe engineers are Vaillant Advance Installers. From our Luton gas showroom we supply and install the complete range of Vaillant Gas Boilers.

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Vaillant gas boilers Luton

Vaillant’s hand-built efficient boilers could save you up to 30% on your heating bills – heating your home and your hot water.

Thousands of homeowners trust Vaillant’s range of gas boilers to heat their homes, safely and efficiently… And so do we!

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Vaillant’s promise: Quality, reliability and performance

Vaillants range of combi, system and conventional vented boilers gas boilers will suit any home and with a wide variety of sizes will be the perfect solution whether you live in a flat or a castle!

Come to our Luton Gas showroom to discuss the supply and installation of a Vaillant gas boiler.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

Short for “combination boiler” a Combi combines two jobs: heating your water and providing central heating for your home. Vaillant combi boilers are great for smaller homes where you need to save space. Also water is only heated as and when it is required, so you save on power too!

Vaillant System Boilers

System boilers have the heating and water systems built into the boiler itself and will give you a constant supply of hot water anywhere in the house – even in bigger houses. System (or sealed) boilers are great for homes with more than one bathroom and greater demand from bigger families.

Vaillant Open Vent Boilers

These are “regular” boilers, also known as open vent boilers, which have a cold water tank in the loft and an emersion heater in the airing cupboard.

Open vent boilers use a hot water storage cylinder to provide central heating and hot water. The great thing about open vent boilers is that they will give you lots of water all at once – great for that early morning dash to the bathroom as everyone gets ready to leave to work and school! So if you have a large house and a demanding family with several bathrooms, this is the option for you!

Book a survey today with one of our Gas Safe Engineers
(Virtual Surveys also available but these will only help to give a rough estimate – a full survey will still be needed at a later date).

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